Allurion Weight Loss Balloon at HSSH

A complete weight loss programme. No surgery, no anaesthetic, no endoscopy*.

The Allurion (formerly Ellipse) Gastric Balloon helps you achieve sustainable weight loss by reducing hunger and leaving you feeling fuller after eating.

The exceptional consultants and staff at HSSH work in partnership with the Allurion team to deliver fast yet sustainable weight loss without surgery.

*In rare cases, the Allurion Balloon may be vomited at end of residence or require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal.

Why choose the Allurion Balloon at HSSH?

 – Consultants at the top of their field with extensive experience in weight loss


 – Expert team approach – Consultant and Bariatric Nutritionist support


 – State of the art hospital with impeccable and comfortable facilities


 – Easy and convenient Central London, Harley Street location

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Transformational weight loss without surgery or anaesthetic

Allurion is the first gastric balloon that requires no endoscopy* or anaesthesia for placement or removal. You can walk in and walk out, and the balloon will pass naturally after 16 weeks. The Allurion weight loss programme will support you for 6 months to give you the best opportunity of reaching your weight loss goals and keeping your weight down.

Benefit from the Allurion programme

A fully supported weight-loss programme designed for you

The Allurion (formerly Ellipse) balloon and weight loss programme is a fully supported weight loss programme that helps you sustain healthy weight loss with regular contact with your consultant and Bariatric Nutritionist. You’ll also be given connected body composition scales, a lifestyle wrist tracker and access to the Allurion app to help you stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Your Bariatric Nutritionist is highly experienced in weight loss nutrition. She provides face-to-face diet and lifestyle support, and the advice offered at the consultations is personalised to every patient.

Expert consultants & Impeccable clinical facilities

Our consultants are all experts in their field, who are dedicated to making your experience as exceptional as can be. Your quick and straightforward procedure will take place in our immaculate and comfortable facilities where you’ll walk in and walk out after only an hour or so.

Reception area of the Haley Street Specialist Hospital

The Allurion programme explained

The Allurion package at HSSH

Initial consultation


Allurion programme package


The package includes:

  • Balloon insertion procedure
  • Follow up appointment with your consultant
  •  1:1 consultations, personalised diet and lifestyle advice with your Bariatric Nutritionist.
  • Your very own Allurion scales and lifestyle wrist tracker
  • Access to the Allurion app

0% finance available. Enquire with our team for details. 

Meet our weight loss team

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Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I have this procedure?

We offer regular clinics and a date for the procedure will be discussed within the appointment. There are no waiting lists for this procedure. You should be able to have it done within a couple of weeks of enquiring if it’s determined you’re eligible and you’d like to go ahead.

How long will I be in hospital for?

When you come in to have the balloon placed, you’ll likely be in the hospital for around 1  hour from start to finish. Your procedure normally takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Where will my procedure take place?

Because the procedure is so straightforward and requires no anaesthetic, your consultant can perform the procedure in our outpatient department.

Do I need to have the balloon removed?

No, the balloon will deflate and pass naturally after around 16 weeks.

How much weight can I lose?

After approximately 16 weeks of the Allurion Programme, multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that patients lose on average 10–15% of their total body weight. If you still want to lose more weight, a second Balloon can be placed after completing the first programme.

Your consultant will talk to you about your specific goals and situation during your consultation.

When can I go back to work?

We generally advise that you have 1-2 days off work after the procedure.

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