Finance your treatment at HSSH

We’re pleased to offer multiple ways for our patients to spread the cost of their treatment at  Harley Street Specialist Hospital.

You can now apply to finance your procedure at 0% interest over 6 or 12 months.

Once you’ve been recommended for a procedure by your consultant, our team at Harley Street Specialist Hospital will guide you through the application and you will know at the time if your loan approval has been accepted.

Please speak to a member of the team if you are interested in finding out more.

What’s the process?

After you have attended an initial consultation, and had any scans and tests required, your consultant may recommend you undergo a surgical or medical procedure.

You will be given  a fixed price quote from the bookings team, after which you can apply for Chrysalis Finance easily online. Please note that the application will require your bank details for a credit check although funds will not be deducted until the process is complete. You will be notified of the answer straight away.

This will then be followed up with a contract that you can sign on screen. Please note that funds will not be released without your e-signature and this must be completed at least 48 hours before the day of your surgery or treatment. A member of the finance team will be on hand to guide you through the process if needed.

You can then book your procedure. The financial repayments will be set out to you in writing by Chrysalis finance.

Frequently asked questions

What can be paid for using Chrysalis Finance?

Most procedures at Harley Street Specialist Hospital can be paid for with a Chrysalis Finance plan. To get 0% interest, the procedure must cost between £4,000 – £25,000. It would include the hospital, consultant and anaesthetist fees as well as if scans or tests are included as standard post-procedure. The Harley Street Specialist Hospital team will be able to answer any questions regarding a particular procedure.

I have had an initial consultation elsewhere but want the procedure carried out at Harley Street Specialist Hospital. Is this possible using Chrysalis Finance?

Yes, you can have initial consultations and scans at a different hospital and then have treatment here paid for through Chrysalis Finance. Please note, if you see a consultant you haven’t seen before at HSSH, you may need to pay for further consultations, scans or tests.

Will the price change after I have booked the procedure?

No, once you have booked your procedure, you will be offered a fixed price that will not change.

What information is required for the application?

The application requires basic information about the applicant as well as income details and bank details. Much like a credit card application, this is a quick online process that can be completed over the phone with a member of our bookings team.

What is the difference between a package price and standard self-pay rates?

Patients that are booked through the HSSH enquiries team will be eligible to receive a package price for self pay.  This will include the hospital, consultant, anaesthetist and follow up fees as one price.

If you have booked your appointments directly through the consultant they may choose to invoice you separately for their surgical fees.  In these cases the Hospital will charge the standard self pay rates.

Please note that package pricing and standard self pay rates may vary and not all consultants are available for package pricing.  Please see below for the consultants available through HSSH for package pricing.

How long do I wait for a procedure after I have seen a consultant?

Consultants usually have regular theatre sessions at HSSH. Your consultant will offer you a procedure date that’s suitable for you both, that also allows enough time for your pre-admission assessment to be completed.

Procedures can very often be booked for just a few weeks in advance. Most procedures take place somewhere from 2 – 6 weeks from the date you have your consultation.

Can anyone apply for Chrysalis Finance for a procedure at HSSH?

If you have been recommended to have a procedure by a consultant, then yes you can apply. You must be above 18 years of age and been a permanent UK resident for at least the last 3 years.  Please note that standard credit checks apply.

Speak to our team to find out more

If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment with us, contact our enquiries team today by calling  +44 (0)20 4513 2244 or email

Terms and Conditions Apply. You can download the full document here.