Applying for practising privileges

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Harley Street Specialist Hospital welcomes applications from private and NHS consultants as well as some allied health professionals, all referred to here as ‘practitioners’. Practitioners who wish to practice at our hospital must submit an application as well as a copy of all the documents which can be found below.

We have a robust application process to ensure that all practitioners meet our standards. We require evidence of qualifications, scope of practice, training, insurances, GMC registration, vaccination status, appraisal records and assurances of clear criminal and professional records. This application then gets reviewed by our Medical Director and put through to our Medical Advisory Committee.

To apply please complete our practising privileges application form and return to our Governance & Compliance Officer at:

Once practicing privileges have been granted, practitioners who wish to use the facilities of the hospital on an ongoing basis must familiarise themselves with hospital policies, most specifically the Practising Privileges Policy as well as our clinical governance policies. Harley Street Specialist Hospital is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and must adhere to an immensely high standard of care.

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