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Ostenil injection FAQs

In these frequently asked questions, learn more about Ostenil and hyaluronic acid for back pain.

Ostenil is specifically formulated to treat symptoms of osteoarthritis. It works by lubricating the joints, relieving pain and increasing mobility.

The difference between Ostenil, Ostenil Mini, and Ostenil Plus is the concentration of hyaluronic acid and the total volume of each solution:

  • Ostenil: 1% (20mg hyaluronic acid in 2ml solution)
  • Ostenil Mini: 1% (10mg hyaluronic acid in 1ml solution)
  • Ostenil Plus: 2% (40mg hyaluronic acid in 2ml solution)

Ostenil Mini is usually recommended for facet joint pain, as these joints are much smaller than the knee, hip, and shoulder.

It can take a few days or even a week for Ostenil to start working, but some patients feel relief the same day as the injection.

Three Ostenil doses can relieve your pain for up to six months. 

There are very few side effects of Ostenil injections for back pain, though you may feel some discomfort during the injection. As with all injections, there’s a small risk of infection.

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Learn more about hyaluronic acid injections

Find out more about Ostenil injections at Harley Street Specialist Hospital below.

Findings from one study concluded that hyaluronic acid injections result in a marked reduction in pain, improved function, and better quality of life for those with localised lower back pain. An NHS study found two-thirds of patients saw some short-term pain relief after just one Ostenil injection for knee arthritis.

Most studies have found hyaluronic acid to be more effective than placebo for treating arthritis, though others have said more evidence is needed to recommend hyaluronic acid at this stage.

Some NHS trusts may offer Ostenil injections for pain relief, but not all. In addition, waiting lists can be lengthy, meaning you’ll have to wait a while for treatment. Speak to your GP if you’re considering Ostenil treatment.

Yes. Ostenil is designed to alleviate pain in any of your synovial joints (such as the facet joints, knee, and hip). So it can be used to treat arthritis in your knee, hip, and back.

If the treatment is effective, you can get a hyaluronic acid injection every 4-6 months.

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